W&WⅡ Series

Pixel Pitch: 2.61/2.97/3.91mm

Brightness: 800-1100/nits

Panel Weight: 7.0kg/15.43lb

Panel Dimension: 500x500x76mm


Fast Installation

Easy Maintenance



Why W&WⅡ Series ?

Affordable, lightweight, easy front and rear maintenance, comfortable silicone handle.

    W&WⅡ Series
  • Modular  Design
  • PerfectConvex Concave

W&WⅡ Series

  • Universal Moduel
    Module size:250mm*250mm,each module with same imput, can be exchanged freely, reduce the back up quantity.

  • Hanging Installation
    Professional hanging bar,hanging installation 20pcs maximum in height.

  • Light Weight Panel
    Light weight (6.8kg/pcs), front and rear access is allowed, W series is the ideal cost-effective LED display solution for rental, staging and fixed applications.

  • Curved Installation
    Convex curved and Concave curved Angle range: 0°- 10° (2.5°/scale)


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Parameters W II 2.6/W Pro 2.6(Indoor) W II 2.97/W Pro 2.97(Indoor) W II 3.91/W Pro 3.91(Indoor)
Model No. W II 2.6/W Pro 2.6(Indoor) W II 2.97/W Pro 2.97(Indoor) W II 3.91/W Pro 3.91(Indoor)
Pixel Pitch 2.6mm 2.97mm 3.91mm
LED Type SMD1515 SMD2020 SMD2020
Pixel Density 147456pixel/m² 112896pixel/m² 65536pixel/m²
Brightness 600-800nits 800-1000nits 800-1000nits
Color Temperature 6500-9500K
Scan Rate 1/24 1/21 1/16
Panel Dimension (W*H*D) 500mmx500mmx76mm / 19.7"x19.7"x3.0"
Panel Resolution 192x192 pixel 168x168 pixel 128x128 pixel
Panel Weight 7.50kg/16.5lb
Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum
Max Power Consumption ≤700w/m² ≤700w/m² ≤700w/m²
Ave Power Consumption ≤350w/m² ≤350w/m² ≤350w/m²
Viewing Angle H:160° / V:140° H:160° / V:140° H:160° / V:140°
Refresh Rate 1920Hz/3840Hz 1920Hz/3840Hz 1920Hz/3840Hz
Gray Scale 14-16bit 14-16bit 14-16bit
IP Rating IP30 IP30 IP30
Max. Stacking 10m 10m 10m
Max. Hanging 10m 10m 10m
Lifetime 50,000h 50,000h 50,000h
Operating Temp/Humidity -20°C~+45°C; 10%-60%RH -20°C~+45°C; 10%-60%RH -20°C~+45°C; 10%-60%RH
Storage Temp/Humidity -40°C~+60°C; 10%-60%RH -40°C~+60°C; 10%-60%RH -40°C~+60°C; 10%-60%RH

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