Blade Series

Pixel Pitch:


Panel Weight:

Panel Dimension:



Light Weight

Easy Repair



Why Blade Series ?

Four-in-one LED, impeccable display; cable-free, sleek appearance; anti-impact for LED protection during transport and installation.

    Blade Series
  • Extremely  Thin&Light
  • Energy-Saving  Power Supply
  • 90°  Splicing
  • Vertical  Installation
  • Cost  Effective

Blade Series

  • Ultimate visual experience
    Better contrast, Wider color gamut display, a larger viewing angle, higher refresh rate and grayscale, More perfect ink color consistency, Bring the ultimate high-definition visual experience!

  • Smooth
    The flatness is higher, and the visual fluency of the picture is good.

  • Anti-bump
    Better protection of lamp beads. Escort for transportation and installation.

  • Simple Atmosphere
    No external wires, the appearance of the product is simple and clean.


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Model No. BD 1.25(Indoor) BD 1.53(Indoor) BD 1.86(Indoor) BD 2.0(Indoor) BD 2.50(Indoor)
Pixel Pitch 1.25mm 1.53mm 1.86mm 2.0mm 2.50mm
GOB Optional
Pixel Density 640,000pixel/m² 422500pixel/m² 288096pixel/m² 250000pixel/m² 160,000pixel/m²
Brightness 300-500nits 400-600nits 500-800nits 500-800nits 600-900nits
Panel Dimension(W*H*D) 640mmx480mmx33mm/ 25.2"x18.9"x1.5"
Color Temperature 6500-9500K 6500-9500K 6500-9500K 6500-9500K 6500-9500K
Panel Resolution 512x384pixel 416x312pixel 344x258pixel 320x240pixel 256x192pixel
Panel Weight 8kg/17.64lb
Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum
Max Power Consumption <600w/m² <600w/m² <600w/m² <600w/m² <600w/m²
Ave Power Consumption <150w/m² <150w/m² <150w/m² <150w/m² <150w/m²
Viewing Angle H:160° / V:140° H:160° / V:140° H:160° / V:140° H:160° / V:140° H:160° / V:140°
Refresh Rate 1920Hz/3840Hz 1920Hz/3840Hz 1920Hz/3840Hz 1920Hz/3840Hz 1920Hz/3840Hz
Gray Scale 13-16bit 13-16bit 13-16bit 13-16bit 13-16bit
IP Rating IP30 IP30 IP30 IP30 IP30
Curve(Optional) 90° 90° 90° 90° 90°
Lifetime 50,000h 50,000h 50,000h 50,000h 50,000h
Operating Temp/Humidity -20°C~+45°C;10%-60%RH -20°C~+45°C;10%-60%RH -20°C~+45°C;10%-60%RH -20°C~+45°C;10%-60%RH -20°C~+45°C;10%-60%RH
Storage Temp/Humidity -40°C~+60°C;10%-60%RH -40°C~+60°C;10%-60%RH -40°C~+60°C;10%-60%RH -40°C~+60°C;10%-60%RH -40°C~+60°C;10%-60%RH

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